Mood and Food

An informational site about low-grade depression and the mood-food connection.


This guide is meant to point to some of the various ways people express low-grade depression. It discusses methods for keeping depression at bay without pharmaceuticals. My name is Jessica Sams, and I conducted the research and wrote this guide in 2009. I'm sharing the information I learned along with my original references.

This guide is not written for those suffering so greatly that they have become a threat to themselves or others. By the time a mental illness gets to this degree, the sufferer needs prompt attention from a medical professional.

Through my research I have found that, among other things, taking different supplements may help alleviate low-grade depression. I will not guide you as to which vitamins or supplement brands to take. I am not affiliated with any vitamin company.

My goal is to let you know the research that has already been done. Books about emotions don’t mention nutrients as a means to change irritability, anxiety, or depression. Books about food as a means to get physical benefits like heart health don’t mention the emotional benefits to dietary changes. But both WILL recommend antidepressant medications when they talk about depression. Antidepressant medications have their place, and can certainly save lives.

There is a new point of view arising in the medical community. It’s all about the connection between our moods and the food we eat. It’s a revelation that has life-changing potential, called the mood-food connection.

The information I present to you will be your tool for taking charge of your emotional as well as physical health.

A person sits on the floor, hugging knees to chest.

About Depression

Learn some basic information about depression trends in America.


An illustration of a person's head with golden lights emanating from the central brain area.

False Moods

Find out what irritability and irrational anger might mean for you.

False Moods

A still life of healthy foods.

Deficiency List

Here is the shocker list of vitamins and nutrients that could cause or contribute to depression if your body is deficient.

Deficiency List

A woman holds an apple but is staring at cake.

Foods in the Diet

Learn about the standard American diet and how you can adjust your eating patterns.


An illustrated silhouette of a person shows multicolored fibers in place of the spinal cord and colorful lights in the brain area.

Amino Acids

In this section, we will explore how to trick your own brain out of craving the things that are the worst for you.

Amino Acids

A close-up view of gelatine capsules containing fish oil.

Essential Fatty Acids

Discover how a lower ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids is the way to counter the progression of many diseases.

Essential Fatty Acids